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Self-Directed IRA

Self-Directed IRAs are becoming the new standard, and rightfully so. Investing like it’s 1999 isn’t wise when planning for the future. New Standard IRA can help you self-direct your IRA the way it should be. With a “truly” self-directed IRA you can take advantage of ALL freedoms allowed by IRA law.


Checkbook IRA

With checkbook control you can act fast as a cash investor, while competing investors may be dealing with red tape and paperwork before they even make an offer. Don’t find yourself filling out paperwork and waiting for approval when you want to make an investment in your IRA, get the checkbook IRA advantage. With a checkbook IRA...



The IRA LLC format is what we call a “truly” self-directed IRA. The terms self-directed IRA, real estate IRA, checkbook IRA, etc... aren’t even technical terms. These terms are merely used to gage the level of control you have over your IRA and how the funds can be invested. With an IRA LLC you will have the benefits of:

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What Is a Self-Directed IRA?

Self-Directed IRAs are all about taking control of your IRA. Our goal is not to give individuals an extra layer of freedom, but to help you benefit from all the freedoms congress has allowed IRAs to have.

You may get conflicting answers through various institutions who say they offer self-directed IRAs, yet restrict you from investing your IRA in the way you want. A “Truly” Self-Directed IRA (IRA LLC) is the term we use to say there are no in-house custodial restrictions and you have ultimate flexibility and IRA checkbook control without unnecessary restrictions imposed by your IRA custodian or trustee.

Aside from life insurance, collectibles and 6 prohibited (self-dealing) transactions under section 4975, a truly self-directed IRA has no restrictions, allowing you and your retirement investments to evolve and grow in the ever changing world we live in.

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