New Standard IRA offers IRA
checkbook control

Reduced Fees

We get IRA custodian fees down to a bare minimum

Self-Directed IRA custodians profit from nickel and dime fees. An IRA LLC through our services will restrict excessive IRA custodian fees..


We're Behind You All The Way!

Avoid Costly Distribution Taxes for Uninformed Mistakes. Let our research, experience and knowledge help you make the most of your IRA..


Iron-clad Asset Protection, and Tax Free Growth on Your Investments.

Combine The Trust benefits of an IRA and the limited liability protection of a corporation..


Take Advantage of Opportunity as it Happens.

An invaluable tool when it comes to acquiring real estate for an IRA portfolio.


Get the Freedom to Make the Best Choices.

Extremely useful for tax liens, offshore investments, notes and private mortgages.No in-house rules on what you do with your money..


Manage Your Cash Flow Effectively with a Truly Self Directed IRA.

FREE IRA LLC Operating Agreement

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Self-Directed IRAs are becoming the new standard, and rightfully so. Investing like it’s 1999 isn’t wise when planning for the future. New Standard IRA can help you self-direct your IRA the way it should be. With a “truly” self-directed IRA you can take advantage of ALL freedoms allowed by IRA law.



With checkbook control you can act fast as a cash investor, while competing investors may be dealing with red tape and paperwork before they even make an offer. Don’t find yourself filling out paperwork and waiting for approval when you want to make an investment in your IRA, get the checkbook IRA advantage. With a checkbook IRA…



True diversification isn’t accomplished by investing in three hedge funds instead of one, it’s accomplished by investing in industries where one doesn’t affect the other. An alternative investment strategy could include:



The IRA LLC format is what we call a “truly” self-directed IRA. The terms self-directed IRA, real estate IRA, checkbook IRA, etc… aren’t even technical terms. These terms are merely used to gage the level of control you have over your IRA and how the funds can be invested. With an IRA LLC you will have the benefits of:



This is not your grandfathers retirement

As the leading pioneers in the truly self-directed IRA industry we have redefined individual retirement accounts across the U.S. with our self-directed IRA LLC strategy. The key to our clients success comes by education, not regulation.

From real estate, to gold, private loans to cattle… Rethink retirement planning in your own vision and see how far it will take you.

If you would like to go over your specific goals with a self-directed IRA specialist or just want to become more acquainted with our team and services you can schedule a consultation today.

Tell us about your vision and make it a reality!


Start making money for yourself.



I am very happy to work with New Standard IRA as a customer. Two years ago, I had some worries whether I could depend on the company in handling paper works for Self-directed IRA account that involves a huge amount of my wife’s retirement money with the IRA Services. As the New Standard IRA explained to me in advance, all the paperwork has been done correctly. Since its inception, we had questions regarding business set up and tax matters, and they provided us with good advice in timely manner. Now as I am retiring these days, I went back to the New Standard IRA to receive the same quality work for my retirement money.
Abraham, Virginia
I am very pleased with the creation of my self-directed IRA. Within a week of setting up the LLC and funding the company using my IRA funds I purchased a property and I have already begun repairing it. My plan is to fix and flip the property for a profit. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I have already referred one of my coworkers to your company.
Bob, California
The team at New Standard IRA was very professional and did my Roth self-directed IRA very fast. All my questions were answered the same day I asked. I am very pleased with my experience with this company and would recommend them to all.
Kim, Texas