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27 11, 2012

How do you get a TSD IRA?

By | November 27th, 2012|IRA LLC, Self Directed IRA LLC|0 Comments

A Truly Self Directed IRA is a exceptional hybrid that employs an IRA that is situated with a “self-directed” custodian and invested into a special legal structure known as an IRA LLC. A Truly Self Directed IRA is a channel which will help do away with the custodian’s bureaucracy and red tape and minimize their [...]

21 11, 2012

Step-by-step guide to Real Estate Investing

By | November 21st, 2012|Real Estate IRA, Wealth Building|1 Comment

There has always been an opportunity for real estate investments; however, we are witnessing an unprecedented time in the real estate marketplace. Foreclosures are at an all-time high with no signs of slowing. Institutional lending sources have evaporated and liquidity for security-backed mortgages has likewise disappeared. For a homeowner, these are not the best of [...]

14 11, 2012

The Process to Having a Truly Self Directed IRA (TSD-IRA)

By | November 14th, 2012|Self Directed IRA LLC|5 Comments

The whole process can take 3-4 weeks, mainly dependent on how long it takes the custodian transfer(s) to take place. The process is as follows: We send you an application to get started with our company and you fill it out and send it back. We email you all the forms you will need to [...]