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27 01, 2013

What You CAN’T Invest in with Your Self-Directed IRA

By | January 27th, 2013|IRA LLC, Self Directed IRA LLC|0 Comments

The more you research this subject, the more you will find that the tax code allows an open field of flexibility with IRAs and in fact, it’s not the IRS that frowns on self-directed IRAs – it’s the investment firms that want to stay in control of your assets. After all, with a TSD IRA, [...]

21 01, 2013

New Standard IRA LLC Benefits

By | January 21st, 2013|IRA LLC, Real Estate IRA, Self Directed IRA LLC, Self Directed IRA Rules|5 Comments

There are many benefits to having a New Standard IRA (IRA LLC) vs. just going with a custodian that allows your IRA to choose specific investments. Here are a few benefits your IRA LLC has over conventional IRAs: Flexibility: A New Standard IRA (IRA LLC) allows ultimate flexibility.  When it comes to IRA investments; the [...]

21 01, 2013

Why not use a custodian?

By | January 21st, 2013|Self Directed IRA LLC|1 Comment

Most people may put money aside for a tax break or benefits at work, and that’s reasonable; you work a nine to five job and may would like to leave your retirement planning to the "pro's". Because your money is managed by a conventional custodian, administrator or brokerage firm, and the only interaction by the [...]

18 01, 2013

Self Directed IRA Custodians

By | January 18th, 2013|IRA LLC, Real Estate IRA, Self Directed IRA Custodians, Self Directed IRA Rules|10 Comments

Individual retirement accounts are required to be held at an institution that meets the requirements of being a Trustee or Custodian under IRC Section 408.  The difference between a Trustee and a Custodian can be confusing, especially when dealing in the world of IRAs.  A trustee is an institution that has fiduciary control over the [...]

14 01, 2013

Using Your Self Directed IRA to Invest in Trust Deeds

By | January 14th, 2013|Real Estate IRA, Wealth Building|2 Comments

  There is an old adage in investing no matter what you are investing in; “Buy Low and Sell High”.  This is especially true with Real Estate as we are now at a bottom and prices have not been this low in many years.  Recently Warren Buffett said if he could, he would buy every [...]