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Oil Prices – Good For Drivers, Bad for the Economy

By |2019-02-06T23:30:29-06:00|Stock Market|0 Comments

2016 is definitely starting off in a Bear Market and everybody is concerned about oil. Business Insider says "Stocks were mixed, oil fell, and the theme of volatile prices across the investable universe once again played out on the first trading day of a shortened week in New York." CNN Money talks about "the crash, the [...]

NYSE Halt Leaves U.S. Markets Down

By |2015-07-08T16:53:48-05:00|Stock Market|0 Comments

  Today the NYSE randomly halted around 11:30 EST giving little to no explanation. Experts say they were experiencing technical difficulties like some late night news show whose camera man falls asleep. Perhaps they were upgrading from Windows Vista, nobody really knows but they were clear it wasn't hackers and the shut down only lasted for about 3 [...]

President of U.S Exchange Leaves After Making False Statements

By |2019-02-06T23:30:46-06:00|Stock Market|4 Comments

If you're following the HFT Debate, you probably remember back in April when BATS President William O'Brien and IEX CEO Brad Katsuyama duked it out on CNBC over stock market exchanges and whether or not they are rigged to benefit HFT scalpers. O'brien starts out "Michael and Brad, shame on both of you," adding that "they've [...]

How They Rigged the Stock Market

By |2019-02-06T23:30:47-06:00|Stock Market|11 Comments

The CBS program 60 Minutes aired a shocking discovery about the U.S. stock market this past Sunday. The program wasn't talking about bears and bulls, but instead, predator and prey. CBS correspondent Steve Kroft interviews market insiders and best selling author Michael Lewis to talk about how "the most iconic global market in capitalism" (the [...]

Business Insider Says to Prepare for the Next Market Crash

By |2013-11-13T00:35:28-06:00|Stock Market, Wealth Building|0 Comments

Buying publicly traded securities can be a roller coaster ride and with the recent upward surge there is a lot of buzz about when (not will) the market is going to take a dive. Henry Blodget, co-founder, CEO and Editor-In Chief of Business Insider, has been predicting a market crash for a few months now and [...]


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