Open Your Own Personal Bitcoin IRA

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The term "Bitcoin IRA" can be just as confusing as the term “self directed IRA”. Depending on who you talk to, one definition may be entirely different than another. Cryptocurrencies in and of themselves are immensely technical and complex, so the added noise doesn’t help. Here are some tips to clarify. The Options Publicly Traded [...]

Cryptocurrency in Your IRA

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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum,Ripple, etc... are all the rage these days and millions of Americans are trying to figure out how to add this new digital currency to a retirement savings portfolio. What’s the big idea with cryptocurrency? The visionary behind Bitcoin, “Satoshi Nakamoto”, remains a mystery to this day. He, or she (or [...]

Tax Advantages of a Real Estate IRA and Hidden Benefits

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If you invested in the stock market at the bottom of the bear market during the Great Recession, you would have profited greatly by selling at the right time. With the recent stock market selloff, many investors lost their gains. Real estate often stands out as a more stable and predictable way to enjoy both [...]

Alternative Investments For A Self Directed IRA

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A 401(k) is not the end all be all to saving for retirement. In 1974, when the IRA code was written, investing IRA money in other entities became entirely legal. These self-directed IRAs require hiring a custodian or trustee to hold the assets, but allow the holder of the account to invest in a wide variety [...]

The Advantage of Alternatives

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I found this video put out by Bloomberg on alternative investing. Jeffrey Sica, founder of Sica Wealth Management, makes some great points here: Alternative Investing is a great way to capitalize on opportunities that banks are leaving behind such as, private lending and small business funding. True Diversification is only accomplished by allocating investments in separate assets [...]

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