Some people are comfortable taking a risk when they make a financial investment, but when it comes to your retirement savings, you want to play it safe. You want to mostly focus on generating slow and steady income so your investments are always growing, even after you start spending these assets to pay for your retirement lifestyle.

The first step everyone should take when starting their retirement investing…

Is making sure you know exactly how much you are going to need to save. Talk to a financial advisor about when you plan to retire, the kinds of activities you plan to take part in once you have stopped working and the health care you’ve invested in. This will help them give you an accurate number you should shoot for before you start making investments, which will make it a lot easier to decide what investments are the most appropriate.

Most retirement assets are designed with different goals than short-term financial tools, which means there are a lot more tax breaks that you can take advantage of. An IRA is tax-deferred so you aren’t losing money while you try to generate income for your retired life. Making a point of investing in the proper types of financial tools will help you avoid losing more money than you need to in order to keep your accounts going.

People want to avoid risks when they plan for retirement, but they don’t always know what risks they need to look for. For example, some want to completely avoid investing in stocks because they fluctuate more than some other accounts. However, this is only looking at the short-term risk. You need to think about how different stocks, mutual funds and other investments will grow over the course of several decades. Stability is the number one factor that should be considered when investing for retirement, not short-term risk.

If you follow this, you can always count on the money you’ve put in to your savings being there, and more.

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