There are many benefits to having a New Standard IRA (IRA LLC) vs. just going with a custodian that allows your IRA to choose specific investments.

Here are a few benefits your IRA LLC has over conventional IRAs:


A New Standard IRA (IRA LLC) allows ultimate flexibility.  When it comes to IRA investments; the question isn’t what investments are permissible; it’s what investments are prohibited.  A New Standard IRA LLC gives you all the freedom allowed by law, without it you are limited to a short list of transactions and investments offered by your IRA custodian.

Every custodian has their own in-house rules – just because a custodian allows one self directed investment, doesn’t mean they will allow another.  Most custodians will limit their clients to one of the following investment categories – it’s rare that a custodian will allow every type of investment with ease:

  • Publicly traded securities i.e. stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  • or
  • Precious metals i.e. permissible gold, silver, platinum or palladium
  • or
  • Foreign investments, i.e. offshore funds, property, foreign exchange
  • or
  • Main Street investments and escrow, i.e., private equity, loans, real estate…

With an IRA LLC, all of the above and more are available under one vehicle.

Checkbook Control:

With an IRA LLC you have true checkbook control.  Checkbook control means you don’t have to get approval for your investments or related expenses – you make the decisions, you sign the contract and you write the check.  Under the capacity of manager for your IRA LLC you will have the ability to open bank or brokerage accounts; research, make and maintain investments; and take charge of your own IRA.  With checkbook control you can seize a good opportunity before the competition does.  An investor that takes a week to sign a contract and another week to write a check will most likely be left with the opportunities nobody else wants.  Some investments are extremely difficult without checkbook control – tax deeds, for example.  Checkbook control is also convenient when hiring contractors, appraisers, or other useful professionals.

Reduced Custodial Fees:

Some IRA custodians make their money by charging a percentage of assets under management.  This doesn’t make financial sense in a self-directed world because the custodian isn’t adding value to your investments, but instead is merely making sure the IRA stays compliant with the law.  Most self-directed IRA custodians (IRA Trust Companies) will charge you fees for all their activities, which means there will be a fee for:

  •  Writing checks
  •   Registering assets for your benefit
  •   Liquidating assets
  •   Re-registering assets when they are sold
  •   Holding assets for your benefit
  •   Wiring funds
  •   Expediting documents
  •   Delivering documents
  •   Looking at a document (research)
  •   The list goes on…

With an IRA LLC you are making one investment and holding one asset, which cuts the fees down to the bare minimum (usually $100-$200 a year).  Also, if you become unhappy with your custodian and decide to switch to another, it’s a lot less expensive to move an IRA LLC than it would be with multiple assets under the custodial account.

Simplify Registration of IRA Assets:

With a new standard IRA LLC you can act fast and free from bureaucracy just like any other cash investor would.  When making and executing investments nobody will even need to know that you are dealing with an IRA, so you will avoid a lot of funny looks and paperwork.

New Standard IRA

An IRA LLC allows investors to handle investments in a way that does not conflict with industry standards.  When dealing with various investments, real property for example, it’s standard practice to use a LLC to hold the property.  Sellers, buyers, realtors, banks, title companies, etc., are familiar with LLCs and the process goes smoother than it would through an IRA custodian.

IRA Custodian Account

When purchasing a property for your IRA through a self directed IRA custodian the property will be held under the custodian’s name fbo your name (for your benefit, e.g., “XYZ Trust Company fbo John Doe”).  This causes problems from start to finish.  Imagine 50,000 Investors all doing business under basically the same name.  Custodians are finding themselves with major legal issues as their IRA Participants are:

  • Losing properties to banks
  • Involved in an open law suit
  • Late on property taxes or insurance payments
  • Et cetera

What ends up happening when sellers, buyers, banks, counties, title companies, etc… cannot tell the difference between one IRA from another is the IRA investor ends up getting stone walled and spending a bunch of time explaining what fbo means.

With an IRA LLC you are able to grab deals from under their feet because instead of explaining yourself, you simply just write a check.

Retain and Manage Cash Flow:

With an IRA LLC you as an investor can manage your own cash flow without red tape and endless nickel-and-dime fees.  Instead of depositing your cash returns in a custodial account paying little or no interest, you are free to move cash from investments to money market accounts to CDs…getting the maximum return on your dollar.  Instead of waiting for approval on outgoing checks and paying nickel and dime fees you are able to act fast and write a check, use a check card or execute a wire, giving you an advantage over other investors who have time restraints and need to include fees and taxes into the bottom line.

Financial institutions are notorious for profiting from the float; clearing deposits swiftly and taking funds from your account the minute a check is cut, even if it is being mailed out.  Managing your cash flow will ensure you retain earnings and maximize your profit over time without getting grinded out by the accounting.  That is the idea after all isn’t it?

IRA LLC Benefits are Endless

Investment vehicles and opportunities are constantly changing and a savvy investor should have the ability to adapt to their surroundings.  Some investment strategies are just too onerous to handle through a custodian.  Below are a few Investments that can be virtually impossible to handle through some custodians:

  •   Tax deeds/liens
  •   Mortgage foreclosures
  •   Foreign investments
  •   Construction properties

Whether a new niche market arises or a new strategy for an old way of investing comes to mind, you want the tools at your disposal that you need to take advantage of the opportunity, quickly.

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