Opening up a self-directed IRA is a wise move whether you feel interested in making bold investment moves or something rather safe. The key benefit of a self-directed IRA is the fact that you are in control. By working with a self-directed IRA provider that helps aggressive and conservative investors with the legal paperwork, you have greater flexibility. Typical Americans want to close the retirement savings gap but aren’t sure how. For those who rely on a 401(k), there are generally fewer investment options. Owning mutual funds does not bring a lot of thrill or excitement either.

In most cases, people who open a self-directed IRA want the option to invest in more conservative assets such as rental homes as well as a few more exciting ideas. Aggressive investors often pay attention to the trends before investing. Savvy investors want a double-digit return on their money, but they do their thorough research and rely on the most qualified self-directed IRA providers to set up their checkbook control accounts.

Taking aggressive moves

One trend is for self-directed IRA investors to make money on small businesses looking for the right funding. For example, craft breweries are extremely popular but small business owners rely on private equity funding. With your self-directed IRA, you could easily boost your retirement money by choosing a profitable venture. Startup companies rely on investors to give them new capital funding for their projects. It’s your job as an investor to decide whether you believe in a certain concept, business or trend.

Sticking with the proven track

Conservative investors often want to invest money in real estate because it provides reliable income. Most people want a place to live. With home values going up across the country, it’s becoming more challenging for people to own instead of rent. At the same time, a conservative investment doesn’t need to put you to sleep from boredom. With checkbook control, you can make an exciting bid on a distressed property. Going to real estate auction sites often provide conservative investors with a little bit of a thrill even though most real estate is far from risky.

Some of the benefits of saving for retirement through a self-directed IRA include the tax-deferred and tax-free growth. Also, most people want to pursue results that are stronger compared to typical mutual funds. As far as bankruptcy and protection from creditors, you can keep up to $1 million in IRA assets without worrying about losing it in a financial disaster. When using a self-directed IRA, it’s wise to learn more about IRS rules. The IRS wants people to use their IRA to grow retirement funds. With Social Security challenges and the overall retirement savings crisis, it’s increasingly more important to build a fat retirement account. No matter what you risk tolerance, you are better off investing in things you understand. While you don’t get to make as many independent decisions with a 401(k), you open up a world of investment options through a self-directed IRA. Adding the checkbook control helps real estate investors and other who want to quickly invest in something without waiting for a third-party to permit the transaction. Because of the IRS regulations and the complexity of the legal paperwork, it’s smart to rely on experienced self-directed IRA providers who understand the conservative and aggressive investor.

At New Standard IRA, we are self-directed IRA providers who work with conservative and aggressive investors with a free spirit and desire to grab hold of wealth. We help with a self-directed LLC IRA set up as well as self-directed IRAs that are truly self-directed and under your control, please contact us.