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6 09, 2013

Citigroup makes a bold prediction of gold prices rising — a good investment for your IRA?

By | September 6th, 2013|IRA LLC, Self Directed IRA LLC, Wealth Building|0 Comments

In this piece, a respected strategist from Citigroup says he believes in the coming years gold could rise from the $1,500 an oz it is now to as high as $3,500 in coming years. While a very wild prediction, this does make for some food for thought.

16 05, 2013

10 rules of investing everyone should know.

By | May 16th, 2013|Wealth Building|0 Comments

Came across this great post on 10 rules of investing. There's a lot of places you can invest money from your IRA, and a lot of ways to go about it and personal rules you can follow. However, in general, these are some of the best rules to follow to make sure your money grows.

14 01, 2013

Using Your Self Directed IRA to Invest in Trust Deeds

By | January 14th, 2013|Real Estate IRA, Wealth Building|2 Comments

  There is an old adage in investing no matter what you are investing in; “Buy Low and Sell High”.  This is especially true with Real Estate as we are now at a bottom and prices have not been this low in many years.  Recently Warren Buffett said if he could, he would buy every [...]