You’re just about to find out the truth regarding a multi trillion dollar sector which has been a well-kept secret for well over three decades. Banking institutions, investment firms, annuity companies and Wall Street powerhouses have all always been delighted to share the riches between theirselves, keeping this secret where it should be, concealed in plain daylight. Across the decades, a standard delusion grew that your retirement savings will need to be invested inside this chosen group of finance industry elites.

Yet they will not ever freely reveal the truth.

All of it’s your money. And you may legally invest it any way you like.

Fewer than 5% of Americans utilizing this phenomenal investment vehicle, and that’s how they wish it to stay.

It is not a questionable alternative or some sort of tax loophole formulated by some innovator in tax evasion methods. This is a lawful method which was provided for the American people by Congress when they introduced the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Many individuals will spend thousands of dollars in expert consultancy, trying to find tax deductions and strategies to defer their gains to keep their money to themselves. Most tax attorneys, CPAs and even ERISA attorneys are ignorant about this strategy simply because it is not taught in universities and or practiced at work. Having said that, this is not the latest retirement vehicle; this has been openly practiced since before a Roth IRA was even a choice to the general public. In prior times it had been only the smartest buyers who took advantage of the iron-clad asset protection, liquid flexibility and tax-free growth supplied by this vehicle, and they weren’t planning on telling their competition.