Just the top five percent of American house holds have an gross annual income greater than $166,000 (2010 U.S. Census). Fewer than 1 percent of North Americans have the vast majority of the wealth. Between 1979 through to today, the margin of wealth is growing} much more {concentrated to a small selection of individuals. In 2007 a Harvard University analysis reported: “Even though aggregate household net wealth grew from $25.9 trillion in 1995 to $50.1 trillion in 2004, nearly 90 percent of the net gains formed only among the top quartile of households in the wealth distribution.” The gap between the top 1 percent and the other ninety nine percent hasn’t been this bad since the Roaring Twenties (before The Great Depression).

Perhaps most disconcerting tends to be that the vast majority of North Americans do not understand exactly how unequal the distribution of wealth really is. The top 20 percent of Americans handle more than seventy five percent of the wealth. Could they be profiting from your time and energy by channeling your retirement in their private bank accounts? Absolutely!

Provisions have been established that will take losses from your pension long before they’ll lose their earnings! Still, would you blame them?

There’s an old saying that “afool and his gold are soon parted”. It’s also been claimed by financial experts that when you take from the wealthy and distribute money uniformly, it’ll turn up back just where it started within a couple of years. Now do not be an angry fool – there are an ample amount of them to go around. Find out the tricks of the trade and change the game for yourself. The easiest way to distribute the wealth is naturally, not through government bureaucracies.