Want more security, more opportunities, flexibility and simplicity in your retirement? New Standard IRA has the solution you need to succeed.

Our mission is to help individuals benefit from ALL the freedoms allowed under IRA law and we have been accomplishing this mission since 2006. Our proven IRA LLC strategy puts you in the driver’s seat and our self-directed IRA experts keep the engine running. We don’t regulate our clients, we support them.

Most IRA and 401(k) participants feel like retirement funds aren’t really theirs, and can only hope they chose the right investment advisor or picked the right fund. The old standard is dying – Welcome to the New Standard IRA.

At New Standard IRA we believe a TRUE self directed IRA must have the following features:
—  IRA Checkbook Control – You make the decisions, you write the checks

—  Unlimited investment opportunities, including real estate, precious metals, private notes and loans, etc…

—  Fast Transactions – Opportunity is around every corner, so are other investors. Those who strike while the iron is hot secure the best investment opportunities.

—  Limited Custodian Intervention – Self Directed IRA Custodians make a point to say they aren’t your legal, tax or investment counsel. So they shouldn’t hold your money, determine how to structure your investment or demand unnecessary paperwork.


We have made a unique commitment to educate people on all aspects of their retirement account in an honest and ethical way, whether it helps us make a sale or not. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients say about us.

John in Iowa says:
“I chose New Standard IRA because they were priced right for what I wanted to do. They were very helpful throughout the process of setting up my self directed LLC IRA. Then after I’ve had it set up now for a couple years they still keep sending me very useful information about what I should be doing as I’m going along life’s journey.. I’m not left in the dark AT ALL!! Thank you New Standard IRA.”

Mark in Florida says:
“New Standard IRA did a terrific job in setting up our IRA. They were very customer focused making the process extremely easy and effortless. They were highly professional and responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend them.”

Michael in California says:
“I just wanted you to know that I am truly happy that I made the move to a self-directed IRA. As mentioned before, I did acquire a property at a trustee sale the day after my funds were received. I paid $156K and invested $6K in direct renovation expenses. I am in contract to resell the property at the end of this month for $199K. I’ll then be in a position to reinvest a larger balance into another trustee sale property and hopefully continue the trend. I’m also really pleased that I’ve taken my money away from Wall Street and I’m investing it in Main Street and putting people to work with renovating, managing and selling the home. I find this fulfilling (and timely given the recent Wall Street protest movements that are springing up) to know that I’m actually helping “real” people in my own community with jobs using my retirement funds. So again, thank you for your help in getting this established.”

Dan in TX says:
“New Standard IRA have fulfilled all promised services (and much more!) in setting up of my accounts/LLC. AND – all was completed via email, snail mail, and phone since I was overseas during most of set up period. I highly recommend their service and support!”