Georgia LLC code can be found in the the Georgia Code Title 14 Chapter 11: Limited Liability Companies. the GA LLC Act provides a solid foundation for our self directed IRA LLC strategy. A self directed IRA LLC in the state of Georgia is a hybrid entity with powerful benefits and the ability to invest into just about any opportunity, including real estate, precious metals and private notes.

Most individual retirement accounts are restricted from the IRA Custodian or Trustee. A Georgia self directed IRA LLC is only limited to the IRC 408/4975 list of prohibited transactions and investments. With IRA Checkbook control and the freedoms provided in the the GA LLC Act you can unlock your retirement portfolio and gain access to the following benefits:

From real estate to asset backed notes, private placements to precious metals – a self directed IRA LLC in Georgia has unlimited options.

The state of Georgia allows LLC managers to make their own policies regarding investments within the operating agreement and the IRS only prohibits life insurance, collectibles and 6 self dealing transactions within a self directed IRA.

The self directed IRA custodian will impose their own investment policies but those restrictions essentially disappear under a Georgia IRA LLC.

The IRA checkbook control advantage is blatantly obvious. A Georgia LLC with IRA Checkbook control allows you to write checks for investments and transactions within your retirement account.

IRA Law only restricts specific “self-dealing” transactions and the GA Act. for limited liability companies clearly empowers you as the manager for your self-directed IRA LLC.

Within this capacity you have full banking authorization and can wire funds, write checks, execute trades, authorize bank transfers, use debit cards and perform virtually any banking or investment function without the consent of your IRA custodian.

When a self directed retirement account merges with a GA limited liability the IRA custodian will play a passive role.

A Georgia IRA LLC doesn’t require red tape and unnecessary paperwork with every transaction so there are no time delays. A self directed IRA LLC in Georgia executes with speed so you can adapt to markets on the way up or plan that quick exit strategy on the way down.

Charging orders against a GA IRA LLC are virtually non applicable, even for single member entities. Creditors can’t name you as a member for the GA LLC and therefore will have no basis for a charging order to be granted. Instead, they will see your IRA as the sole owner in the company and you are simply acting as the manager.

In 2005 (Rousey v. Jacoway) the U.S. Supreme court ruled unanimously in favor of federal creditor protection for individual retirement accounts. This was a big win for self directed IRA owners everywhere because it set a clear precedent across the nation that creditors cannot seize assets within your IRA, not even under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Liquidation.

As an added defense, the Georgia Code Title 14 Chapter 11: Limited Liability Companies limits the liability of both members and managers and neither will be held liable for the debts and obligations of a limited liability company.

Our IRA LLC operating agreement, corporate resolutions and governing documents make the last firewall for an ironclad self directed IRA LLC in Georgia.

A Georgia self directed IRA LLC reduces IRA custodian fees to a bare minimum (as low as just $100 per year). This is largely because the checkbook llc feature on your self-directed IRA will eliminate day to day interaction and investment management from the custodian.

In the case of a Georgia IRA LLC the custodians primary role is to hold shares in your GA LLC and satisfy IRS 5498 and other reporting purposes. The need to hold up transactions or charge nickel and dime fees to send and receive payments is simply not necessary with a GA self directed IRA LLC.

Both the IRS and the state of GA allow your IRA to be the sole member in a limited liability company.

The internal revenue code section 408 gives your IRA tax exemption from income and gains, the Georgia Code Title 14 Chapter 11 allows one party member IRA LLCs and the IRS outlines how LLC IRAs in Georgia qualify as a disregarded entity.

The custodian for your IRA LLC can file a 5498 on behalf of the LLC member, not the LLC itself. If structured properly, a Georgia self directed IRA LLC grows tax free and won’t even file federal tax returns.

Allowing idle cash to earn little to no interest through the self directed IRA custodian is wasteful. Managing cash flow through a Georgia bank account will provide cash flow management tools for maximum IRA performance.

Take in revenue for your retirement fund and place it into short term CDs, a local Georgia brokerage account, precious metals or use it for IRA investment related expenses.

In Georgia the code allow certain freedoms between members and managers within your IRA LLC operating agreement, so you can even loan money to that niece of yours going to college.

Whatever you do, maximizing interest on cash flow within your portfolio will add up over the years and there is no other tool that better accomplishes this than a GA self directed IRA LLC.

No more contracts in the name of XYZ IRA Custodian CFBO IRA holder account number 12345…. Imagine explaining that to your escrow company.

Contracts can be written directly between the investment provider and the Georgia LLC. As the manager for the IRA LLC you have checkbook IRA control and you sign the contracts. Unlike 401(k) or other retirement vehicles, individual retirement accounts are designed for individuals and the IRS reporting and compliance measures are placed on the self directed IRA custodian, not you – Simple.

New Standard IRA

As the leading pioneers in the self directed IRA LLC strategy in Georgia we can offer each and every customer access to a true IRA LLC expert throughout the entire setup process. The IRA custodians we work with are all IRS approved, FDIC insured and have up to 40 years in business. Our attorneys bring decades of experience in tax law, IRA LLC defense and corporate law in Georgia – we don’t just pick someone out of the phone book. New Standard IRA provides the lowest setup costs for GA self directed IRA LLCs. We will beat any competitor who offers the same service in writing, period – that is the New Standard IRA promise. Visit our IRA resources page to learn more about GA IRA LLC rules and state fees or schedule a free consultation with our self directed IRA experts by calling 866-241-9884.