IRA Custodians are regulated financial institutions who meet specific banking criteria outlined in IRC Section 408. Third party administrators are not regulated but can serve as a customer service office between you and your IRA custodian. While there are thousands of IRA custodians and TPA’s around the country, most of them are not designed to allow checkbook IRA control.

It is a conflict of interest for self directed IRA custodians to offer their own products i.e. CDs, IRA LLCs, legal/tax/investment advice, etc… The following is a list of self directed IRA custodians who are free from conflicting interests and are in a position to serve for administrative and compliance purposes only.

The fees associated with your self directed IRA custodian are limited under an IRA LLC vehicle because all of the investments and transactions are handled through the limited liability company, not the IRA custodian.

IRA Custodian Phone Website
Community National Bank (800) 680-0340
First Midwest Bank (800) 322-3623
Forge Trust (800) 248-8447
Horizon Trust Company (888) 205-6036
Kingdom Trust Company (888) 753-6972
Liberty Trust Company (800) 473-1977
Madison Trust Company (800) 721-4900
Mainstar Trust Company (800) 521-9897
Nevada Trust Company (702) 696-0000
Next Generation Trust (888) 857-8058
Pensco Trust Company (866) 818-4472
Preferred Trust Company (888) 990-7892
Provident Trust Group (888) 855-9856
Summit Trust (800) 822-6711

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