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As the leading pioneers in the truly self-directed IRA industry we have redefined individual retirement accounts across the U.S. with our self-directed IRA LLC strategy. The key to our clients success comes by education, not regulation.

From real estate, to gold, private loans to cattle – Rethink retirement planning in your own vision and see how far it will take you.

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“I chose New Standard IRA because they were priced right for what I wanted to do. They were very helpful through the process of setting up my self directed LLC IRA. Then after I’ve had it set up now for a couple years they still keep sending me very useful information about what I should be doing as I’m going along life’s journey… I’m not left in the dark AT ALL!! Thank you New Standard IRA”

 – John (Iowa)


“The team at New Standard IRA was very professional and setup my Roth self-directed IRA very fast. All my questions were answered the same day I asked. I am very pleased with my experience with this company and would recommend them to all.” 

 – Ken (Texas)


You guys worked like a dream team. I am closing on my third property today.

 – John(Connecticut)


“You and your company have exceeded my expectations throughout this process. It was a little intimidating setting up this whole LLC arrangement and transferring large amounts of money into accounts opened up by mail, e-mail and voices you don’t know over the phone. However, you and your team were there every step of the way. The entire process can be defined as efficient, competent, and expeditiously executed. I will be recommending you without reservations. You should feel good to work for this kind of a company. Please give my thanks to Josh and the rest of the team on my behalf. And most important, thanks for being there!”

 – Mike (Arizona)