What We Do

With our self-directed IRA service you benefit from ALL the freedoms and flexibility provided under IRA law.

The term self-directed IRA is widely used and it can be confusing when different custodians offer different self-directed IRAs. Our self-directed IRA program offers checkbook control and doesn’t restrict you from one type of investment or another. When you want to make an investment you simply write a check, there is no need to go through an approval process or pay nickel and dime custodian fees.

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Our Services

With the right experience and support an IRA LLC can be a relatively simple vehicle, and without the right team it can be a headache from start to finish. We provide a unique service that helps individuals setup a “truly” self-directed IRA without making costly mistakes during the learning curve.

Approved IRA LLC Facilitator

We have been structuring and facilitating the IRA LLC Structure for over a decade and have worked with most custodians who will allow this type of entity under the plan. Many custodians will require you have an approved attorney or facilitator create your IRA LLC and possibly review your transactions. We have built a relationship with select custodians to ensure a smooth transition through their compliance department.

Experience in Proper Formation

One of our essential functions is to ensure your IRA LLC is structured in a way that will define the lines between you and your IRA and respect applicable provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

We do more than simply form a Limited Liability Company. Beware of misconceptions like; the only thing special about an IRA LLC is the operating agreement or; going through the IRA LLC process is as easy as forming a company and putting your IRA into it.

Over the years we have spoken to hundreds of individuals who made formation mistakes and take the risk of fixing them after-the-fact. We have identified several inexperienced firms that bring you in with lowest price guarantees but merely form a company at high priced rates. We have even helped attorneys who started the process with their clients and realized there is more research and work to be done than they initially assumed. In our experience we have gained the knowledge and the foresight to identify the many variables that can cause problems up front or later down the road, and mechanisms to resolve those problems.

Don’t take the risk of your IRA LLC being open for interpretation and scrutiny years after capitalization; it’s a costly and time consuming mistake. With a New Standard IRA LLC you will rest assured that it is setup right the first time.

Facilitation of Qualified Funds

Retirement accounts and qualified funds must be handled carefully to avoid distribution and taxation. We guide you through the process of determining whether you are transferring funds via rollover or trustee-to-trustee transfer. Simple mistakes could cause improper reporting and even threatening IRS letters demanding taxes. To identify and avoid these simple mistakes we hand-hold every client through the transfer or rollover process.

Security of Your Funds

The transfer of funds is just as secure as it is from one bank to another. Stringent banking regulations fall upon all IRA custodians, whether they are a bank, brokerage company, Trust Company, Credit Union or an independently approved trustee. Transfers are usually handled as a trustee to trustee transfer, going directly from one qualified institution directly to another. When the funds are received by your Self-Directed custodian they will be deposited into a trust account and FDIC insured up to $250,000. The funds typically sit in the trust account for less than a week and are ultimately deposited into a local LLC bank account of your choosing. New Standard IRA is never in possession or control over your account; we merely charge a fee to facilitate the entire process.

Learning Curve Support

When the setup process is complete you will find that there are questions you didn’t think to originally ask and now have to research for the answer. There are also variables that you may not even consider until it is too late. Our post sale follow up process gets you through the learning curve so you can be assured that you are on the right path and don’t inadvertently break the prohibited transaction rules.

Ongoing Support

In the end it doesn’t matter how an IRA LLC is setup if it is being managed improperly and in this unique niche you can find conflicting arguments. Real one-on-one support can be expensive. With an IRA LLC specialist on your side you don’t have to worry about paying high hourly rates for every transactional question you have. Included in our setup fee we offer continuing support to help our clients identify and understand the rules that apply to your IRA LLC and how best to use this type of vehicle. We are committed to helping our clients avoid the risks of breaking IRA rules due to lack of guidance and support.