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Once you have made the decision to self-direct your IRA the next step is going through the transition process. On the surface you may find conflicting information from self-directed IRA custodians, paperwork, tax code and all different type of fees.

New Standard IRA is a pioneer in the IRA LLC industry and self-directing IRAs is our business.

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Transitioning Into a Self Directed IRA

We can handle the transition process for you.

To truly self direct your IRA you will need to go through a transition process. If you are like most Americans, you probably have a rollover IRA that is housed with a custodian who is a bank, brokerage firm or annuity company. As you probably already know, these type of institutions won’t allow you to make your own investments, but instead offer their own products.

Rollover or Transfer Your Existing IRA

The rules for IRA transfers or rollovers.

Unfortunately you can’t just pull your qualified retirement funds out of your existing institution, put it in a LLC and expect the government to take your word that this is an IRA. There are specific rules on IRA transfers or rollovers if they are to keep their tax advantaged status. The transfer process can be done as a trustee-to-trustee transfer between the two custodians or it can be handled as a 60 day rollover depending on where your money is at now.

Open a Bank Account

Setup a bank account for our IRA LLC.

Once the LLC is setup you will want to use the corporate documents and tax ID number to open a bank account under the name of your LLC. Bankers aren’t always the best people to separate your personal credit from accounts you control so you want to explain that you can’t comingle funds or credit with this account and are merely acting in the capacity of manager for the LLC.

Find a Self Directed IRA Custodian

Make your own investment choices.

A self directed IRA custodian is basically a custodian who will allow you to invest in your own pick of investments rather than theirs. These custodians make their profit by charging fees and are usually there merely as a conduit to make sure IRA regulations are adhered to. A self directed IRA custodian is usually not found on every street corner like you would find the larger banks and brokerage firms. This is the result of allowing you to keep most of your profits.

Set up an IRA LLC

IRA LLCs aren’t your average company.

An IRA LLC may be filed in the same office as every other LLC in your state, but it is not your average company. Most custodians will require special language in the LLC’s corporate records that define the roles and capacity of the manager and clearly seperate the IRA from the IRA owner. Not only will this be a requirement from the custodian but if done correctly will avoid red flags with the IRS and misunderstandings with banks, brokers, title companies or other entities you will be dealing with. Setting up a regular LLC without these special provisions will probably just give you a headache and if you do slip through the cracks at the custodians level, it may be extremely difficult to protect your tax advantaged status under scrutiny.

Fund Your LLC Account and Start Investing

Start investing with true checkbook control!

Once your IRA LLC has been run through the compliance department of your custodian and capitalized from your IRA it is time to invest in what you want. Because this is a truly self directed IRA your funds will only give you the returns that you seek out, so if you have all your money sitting in a bank account you may not be realizing any returns and should consider diversifying through money market accounts and CDs as well as alternative investments. With an you have the freedom and flexibility to move to one or multiple bank and brokerage accounts with checkbook control.

Allow Us to Help You Through This Process

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