What Clients Say About Us

Win Win is the only way we do business.

As a result of satisfied customers the word about our IRA LLC program is spread and we receive referrals. So it could be said that the key to our success is to provide a valuable service and to do what we say and say what we do – no sales tricks, no hidden fees, just good business. The New Standard IRA way.


After an IRA LLC is funded our clients are often kind enough to share a few good words about their experience.  Read through some of our client testimonials to see what our customers are saying.

I spent six months researching self directed IRAs. After my CPA said this was a legitimate product, and my Attorney agreed it was a very creative way to use personal monies within a IRA for investing in real estate, I pulled the trigger! Once I said yes, New Standard IRA staff began the process of setting up my LLC, and help co-ordinate my transfer of funds from my IRA agent, and set up a new account with an IRA agent that would be my new custodian, who has experience with checkbook control IRAs. I was still a little nervous and skeptical, but within a couple of weeks, my transfers of monies went smoothly, my LLC documents with the state were available on line quickly, and my new custodian sent me my cashiers check, and all my fears were put to rest! New Standard IRA made this happen seamlessly. AWESOME experience, and I am ready to invest my money into my choice of approved investments. Highly Recommend.

Ken, Colorado

New Standard IRA have fulfilled all promised services (and much more!) in setting up of my accounts/LLC. AND – all was completed via email, snail mail, and phone since I was overseas during most of set up period. I highly recommend their service and support!

Dan, Texas

Excellent service and reasonable fee, couldn’t ask for more, my highest recommendation.

Jamal, California

Very professional and efficient. No problems at all. Would deal with them again in a heartbeat.

Mace, New Jersey

The team at New Standard IRA was very professional and did my Roth self-directed IRA very fast. All my questions were answered the same day I asked. I am very pleased with my experience with this company and would recommend them to all.

Kim, Texas

New Standard did everything as promised. There were no hidden fees, nothing unexpected. They handled setting up an LLC and a custodian for my self-directed IRA and I am very satisfied.

John, New Hampshire

This company made it easy to set up my IRA. They were very helpful throughout the process and have been assisting with any follow up questions since. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to set up a check-book style IRA.

Jeff, Tennessee

New Standard IRA did a terrific job in setting up our IRA. They were very customer focused making the process extremely easy and effortless. They were highly professional and responsive to my needs. I would highly recommend them.

Mark, Florida

I wanted to take a few moments and let you folks know how very much impressed I am with the services and product at Truly Self Directed. Thanks for the services and a product that more than meets my very high standards and rigorous demands of a service provider and the staff, which serves so well.

Robert, South Carolina

Josh Moore took great care of us! I wanted to do a Self Directed Ira, but really did not know all of the details about them. Josh was very knowledgable and took us from beginning to end through the set up process. They are truly professionals and they continue to service our accounts and keep us up to date on the latest issues affecting our entities and the solution we have implemented. If you are thinking about establishing a Self Directed Ira make sure Josh Moore is the first call you make!

Tyrone, Maryland

I heard about self-directed IRA for years and was always interested in it. A couple of years ago, I finally took the time, researched many companies, and talked to several of them. Decided to work with New Standard IRA for several reasons. Here are a few. (1) They are in Austin. I have the option to stop by their office and see a real person. (2) They only charge a one-time fee, but continue to provide useful info and answer questions throughout the years. (3) They point out things I care to know. You’d think all professional companies out there who brag about being in business for many years would too. Well, honestly, many things pointed out by the other companies don’t seem to be things I care about. (4) And of course, they are very friendly and pretty efficient. My original contact was Jayne, who answers many of my silly questions. Josh helped with actually setting up the IRA LLC, and many more questions. Today, Jayne and Josh continue to answer any question I send their way. If you are interested in alternate investment with your IRA money, talk to New Standard IRA. You won’t regret.

Hollis, TX

I chose New Standard IRA because they were priced right for what I wanted to do. They were very helpful through out the process of setting up my self directed LLC IRA. Then after I’ve had it set up now for a couple years they still keep sending me very useful information about what I should be doing as I’m going along life’s journey.. I’m not left in the dark AT ALL!! Thank you New Standard IRA.

John, Iowa

Josh was recommended to me by an extremely credible resource. I was very impressed with his service and continued service to me. I was navigating an area that was very new and Josh was patient, responsive and always there when I needed him. I continue to utilize Josh’s services and would recommend Josh to anyone who is looking for help in managing this complex process.

Linda, Illinois

I am very happy to work with New Standard IRA as a customer. Two years ago, I had some worries whether I could depend on the company in handling paper works for Self-directed IRA account that involves a huge amount of my wife’s retirement money with the IRA Services. As the New Standard IRA explained to me in advance, all the paperwork has been done correctly. Since its inception, we had questions regarding business set up and tax matters, and they provided us with good advice in timely manner. Now as I am retiring these days, I went back to the New Standard IRA to receive the same quality work for my retirement money.

Abraham, Virginia

New Standard IRA is the best. I came from Security Trust Company that did a decent job, however, I did not have direct control over my money and their fees were about 4 times higher than New Standard. Josh Moore and his company walked me through the difficult transition and I’ve been very pleased ever since. I whole-hardheartedly recommend them!

Todd, Maryland

I just wanted to touch base with you to tell you how thankful I am for your company and for the professional customer service you extend to your clients. Y’all have been more than patient with me and have bent over backwards to answer every question I’ve had to the point of holding my hand through every step. You being able to provide “Check Book” privileges with your SDIRA made all the difference in the world to my investments.

After experiencing the set back of the stock market in 2001 and then again in 2008, I felt my retirement was doomed and headed for failure. Your product has allowed me to take control of my future and now feel like I’m back on track. With the stock market’s “actual” rate of return in the low 3% range and the probability of another market “adjustment”, I felt like the light at the end of the tunnel was a train headed my way. Your product has given me the freedom to invest in a safe alternative investment that is not correlated to the stock market and receive ROI’s averaging in the double digits. One of my investments returned 101% in 6 months time. While I didn’t expect that kind of return, your product helped me position myself for it. Now I sleep better at night and don’t have to worry whether or not the market is going to tank. My investments no longer depend on a stock brokers right or wrong decisions while still collecting a 2% fee.

Please feel free to share this with anyone thinking about a Self Directed IRA with check book privileges and/or anyone looking for a safe investment that is not correlated to the stock market and has a great rate of return. I would be more than happy to talk to them.

Tony, Texas

Thanks for checking in with me. Yes, I’m set up! I have been happy with the support and will keep in touch. I am very willing to be a reference. I have already told a number of people about self-directed IRAs and about your service. Thanks again.

Susan, North Carolina

As promised you delivered the goods. I am so glad that I got the correct company for my needs. I am glad to be a reference for your future customers. In future any help on maintaining these investments, I count on you. Many Thanks…

Venu, Florida

Thanks so much for all of your help. You did a good job and I will definitely refer you when the opportunities arise!

Brenda, Missouri

Thank you for your quick reply. If you ever have a nervous Nellie and need a recommendation from someone who has gone through the process and subsequently received follow-up care, I will be more than happy to provide such. Thanks again.

Kay, Colorado

You guys worked like a dream team. I am closing on my third property today.

John, Connecticut

I am very pleased with the creation of my self-directed IRA. Within a week of setting up the LLC and funding the company using my IRA funds I purchased a property and I have already begun repairing it. My plan is to fix and flip the property for a profit. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I have already referred one of my coworkers to your company.

Bob, California

I just wanted you to know that I am truly happy that I made the move to a self-directed IRA. As mentioned before, I did acquire a property at a trustee sale the day after my funds were received. I paid $156K and invested $6K in direct renovation expenses. I am in contract to resell the property at the end of this month for $199K. I’ll then be in a position to reinvest a larger balance into another trustee sale property and hopefully continue the trend. I’m also really pleased that I’ve taken my money away from Wall Street and I’m investing it in Main Street and putting people to work with renovating, managing and selling the home. I find this fulfilling (and timely given the recent Wall Street protest movements that are springing up) to know that  I’m actually helping real people in my own community with jobs using my retirement funds. So again, thank you for your help in getting this established.

Michael, California

Well the bank account for my LLC is in place and the funds from my IRA have been transferred into this account. I’m now actively looking for that piece of real estate that I can develop with my IRA funds. You probably don’t know but I’ve been doing this kind of investing in real estate for about 30 years. I wish I’d known about self directed IRAs earlier on and I would have been trying to do one home inside my IRA and one home each year outside of my IRA. I typically make around $15,000 to $35,000 profit on a flipper transaction. Had I known about the self directed IRA and how I could have had access to my funds to control when and where I bought a piece of property, my net worth would definitely be much higher than it is now. Imagine getting that $20K, $25K or $30K profit, putting it all back into the IRA account and it’s all tax tree!!! I’d like to thank you for the assistance I received from you in this endeavor. There is quite a lot of paperwork and your guidance through all of it was key to the success. I’m no so very excited to be getting ready to make this happen; my biggest problem now is finding that property thats just right for this process. Thanks again.

Tom, New York

You guys done good. We are all set up and getting our new asset into the rental market. Both your company and IRA Services work went like clockwork. We will certainly tell our friends about the opportunities you set up for us. Thanks a million!

Rich, Virginia

You and your company have exceeded my expectations throughout this process. It was a little intimidating setting up this whole LLC arrangement and transferring large amounts of money into accounts opened up by mail, e-mail, and voices you don’t know over the phone. However, you and your team were there every step of the way. The entire process can be defined as efficient, competent, and expeditiously executed. I will be recommending you without reservations. You should feel good to work for this kind of a company. Please give my thanks to Josh and the rest of the team on my behalf. And most important thanks for being there!

Mike, Arizona